Service car in polypropylene/steel (in accordance to HACCP hygiene rules). The steel parts are treated with anti-scratch epoxy painting and anti-oxidant, that ensures a great resistance to chemicals, weathering and UV rays. 
Tube thickness 1,5 mm.
Tube diameter 22 mm.
The bag-holder is directly fixed on the steel frame.
The wheels are screwed into brass bushes inserted into the base during the molding phase.

Base in polypropylene copolymer
1 Base end
4 Castors Ø 100 with steel support and ball bearing
Steel vertical frame without welding with handle and with integrated bag-holder equipped with two devices to fix the bags, 2 rubber
broom-holders, 4 hooks and 2 holes to insert the plastic basket
Wringer-support: 70% polypropylene copolymer and 30% fiberglass
2x15 lt Plastic buckets (gray/red)
2 Plastic baskets (large)
2 Clips fixed on the vertical frame for plastic baskets
2x6 lt Plastic buckets (grey)
1 Plastic wringer for mops up to 450 gr, with handle holder hook (technical sheet provided on request)

4 16 100 Ø