A complete set of 2 separate elements brought together for an impeccable and effi cient invisible housekeeping service.

Cleaning items will always have their place with The Caddie. Strong elastic fastening strap
wraps around the sticks for a secured storage while in motion. 
Removable and washable plastic pocket liners for an unmatched hygiene.

Rigid plastic Caddie with inner adjustable velcro dividers, keeping amenities and items organized. 
Dividers can be removed and The Caddie can be washed and rinsed with water.

You can choose to have either a soft-top with additional inner pockets or a hard-top version for an even quicker service.

2 or 4 wheels(2 fixed and 2 wivel castors).
Sturdy and silent Nylon wheels with double ball bearing.
Big 110mm rear wheels ensure long durability.
Small 50mm front wheels for the highest maneuverability.

Standard colors are Black, Brown and Burgundy but many other colors available on request starting from an incredible minimum of order of 15 pieces.

11,7 35/45 2x110 Ø, 2x50 Ø